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Fishing trips by boat in La Spezia

If you are a boat fishing enthusiast you will surely want to try this beautiful sport together with the CF&S staff of La Spezia. 

Together with us, you can spend a pleasant day full of fun and conviviality. 
The boat is equipped with all the most modern equipment to offer you an unforgettable fishing experience. 
You will not have to worry about anything, just arrive on time for boarding and be carried away by the experience of Captain Tony.

Fishing trips carried out

The beats performed are:

  • Coastal Bulletin. (Minimum group of 5 to maximum 10 people) - 6:00 12:30 - 80 euros each all inclusive (with lunch at the end of the fish)
  • Bollentino of Depth (Electric reels) max 5 Pers. - 6:00 19:00 - 200 euros each (with equipment and baits included)
  • Coastal trolling and trolling with live bait (max 6 Pers) - 6:00 13:00 - 130 euros per person
  • High trolling (max 6 Pers) - 6:00 19:00 - 250 euros per person all inclusive
  • Tuna Drifting (max 6 Pers) - 6:00 14:00 - 120 euros per person
  • Seasonal fishing Squid / Squid / Cuttlefish from November to January max 6 people: 50 euro a persona
  • Seasonal fishing Dentice /Ricciola from September and November max 6 people: 110 euros per person

To find out more, take part in a fishing trip on a boat or receive more information about the tours, do not hesitate to write to us or call us using the contact details you find on the site

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